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We have had a visit from Helle Høie, who has taken theese pictures of the puppies.
Polka Dot was still here when Helle was here, and Helle said that she had to be photographed as well, so you could see what a fine little bitch puppy Titania had made.

Lots Of Spots Polka Dot - deaf, put to sleep
Lots Of Spots Pokerface
Lots Of Spots Pantani (Marco) - sold
Polka Dot

Preparing for photo shoot.
Puppy on the table.
Food in front of it.
Gilbert on the table as well.
Gilbert down from the table.
Boris and Titania in front of the camera.
Puppy smells the milk from Titania and get untidy.
The food disappears in the gaps of the big ones.
New food brought out.
Gilbert, Titania and Boris are locked inside the house.
The photo shoot can start.