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Titania puppies are born!

With the usual sense of drama from Titania nothing went as planned.

She went in birth - the water went, but she did not get any contractions -
even with help from an injection and finally she had to have a caesarean.

Much fuss about almost nothing:

5. May at 5.45 PM she had 3 puppies.

And that was it. There were no dead puppies in her. Only 3 giant pups.

They are presented here:

Lots Of Spots Pokerface - black male - 570 g.
In fact, the veterinarian had to cut an extra large hole in the stomach to get this giant out!
  Lots Of Spots Pantani - liver male - 550 g.

  Lots Of Spots Polka Dot - liver bitch - 460 g.

Here is the little family soon after their return from the animal hospital. Titania is still cold and barely awake after the anesthetic, so she had to be covered with a little blanket. Her maternal instincts awoke at once the puppiesl were put down to her. And as they were nearly 2 hours old before they were put down to her, they started to drink immediately - when Titania was not busy turning them upside down....

This picture was taken the next day. Titania get a well deserved nap while the puppies are drinking.
It'll be some cool fat puppies. What a party - only 3 to share the entire milk bar!.


Polka Dot in close-up 1 week old All 3 puppies - 1 week old  

Here are the puppies just 1 week old, and you can slowly begin to see spots throughout the coat.
As can be seen, the puppies are quite big..
Poker Face has gone from 570 grams birth weight to 1260 g in 7 days
Pantani from 550 g to 1.215 g,
Polka Dot from 460 g to 1100 g