Retur forside

We are now entering week 3.

Puppies was weighed as they were 14 days old.

Poker Facebook now weighs 1895 grams
Pantani now weighs 2050 grams
Polka Dot now weighs 1.785 g

All 3 puppies slept like babies througout the weighing. Normally they have reacted like crazy but now I suddenly had time to take this cute photo.

The puppies nails have been cut for the first time. Titania must be very thankful for that, because they are quite violent when they drink.

Finally, they opened their eyes, which totally have changed them from little helpless white mice to small cute puppies.

They begin to react to sounds now.

So week 3 is a really an interesting week in a puppys life



Pokerface and Polka Dot are showing their new fine eyes.

  Polka Dot finds it quite tiring with all the attention when she had just had her milk and she would rather sleep.
Bunch of puppies.
As seen Pantani is behind in points when it comes to nose pigment.
There is still something happening from day to day, so we hope it wil be alright in the endl.
  There has also been time for a little outdoor comfort with one puppy at a time. Here is Poker Face between uncle Boris and Titania.
And Boris is actually his real uncle, as the father of the puppies Sugar Daddy is from Devlin like Boris.
Titania needed a little time for herself and tried to fit herself into
Gilberts basket. It bends dangerously under her weight.