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  Week 4+5 Background puppies

Now it is time to a little update again. This time we take 2 weeks. A lot has happened during the last week. They are growing, playing and eating nonstop.

We have had a visit from 4 girls. Socialization is a very important part of the life of a puppy, so all visitors are welcome. We will later be visited by a lot of different dogs.


Lots Of Spots Pantani - his everyday name: Marco - 4 weeks old. Sorry, we could not make a stacked picture of him. He was(for once) not hungry and did not fall for the little trick with a plate of yogurt.  

Lots Of Spots Pokerface 4 weeks old.
He enjoyed the yogurt
, so we could do a stacked photo of him.


We had a very nice visit from Randers. Pia and Stephan from kennel Minalli was here and brought this super beautiful basket to Gilbert. He is however the only one who has not yet been allowed to lie in it.


  Titania loves the basket. She is not laying in the basket, but "puts it on". And it has the advantage that there is no room for the puppies so she can have peace from them a little while.
Here is the whole family together. Gilbert on the sofa. Boris has conquered the the basket and Titania has given up and is nursing the puppies on the floor.   Pokerface caught peeing on the carpet. It is a bit difficult to find the designated newspapers yet. Today he is impressed with going outside and deliver on the lawn and return back in at once! Clever puppy!
This is Marcos favorite sleeping place. The quilt is as dog blanket on the sofa, but he draws it down and is having a wonderful time in his own little cave. Also a clever little dog.   Marco sitting pretty on the lawn.
And here he caught a duck.   A lump of puppies with an alert Pokerface enjoying a quiet moment in the shade.
Puppies eat real food 4 times a day now. They started with blended Hills canned puppy food, but have now switched to Eukanuba puppy food - still blended.  

Here Pokerface is only 3.5 weeks old, but stands in the garden in showdog position.


Nicoline, Frederik and Marcus visited us.   Frederik was clever enough to know that Titania also needed som attention.
Nicoline with Polka Dot and a very proud expression in her face..   Frederik with Marco and Pokerface.

June 7th. was Boris' birthday so it was very appropriate that we had guests from Kennel Kernehhuset who had been so foreseen to bring gifts in finely graduated sizes. Jonathan had done fine badges, so there was nothing to be mistaken about.

  Jonathan was totally adored by the puppies. He cuttled them and talked with them. They were really almost housebroken when he went home again because for every 5 minutes he put them down on the lawn to let them pee, which they dutifully did almost every time.