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A handsome guy.
Marco in a quiet meditative moment - he has a lot of those. He prefers to think about things instead of throwing himself into a lot of unnecessary activity.
He is still lacking some nose pigment, but for every week more comes along, so one might hope......
Pokerface caught just before he goes to sleep, he is not caught relaxed very often. He is the outgoing and active puppy. As seen the puppies are getting big now.
Titania enjoys a moment with her children.
The milk bar is still open.
  Pokerface and Marco
Pokerface practices his movements.   And more practice.
We had a visit from Louise and Therese with the two Jack Russell terriers August and Frede. (here it is August and Gilbert along with two slithtly worried puppies.)
  The worry quickly went away and then a wild game with August and Poker Face started.
Shit !!! That dog is going to get me!!!!!!   But then of course you can make a counterattack.
Marco found himself a pillow and sat wide and fat and considered it all at a little distance   In general, the good Marco Pantani is a little hard to get into gear.
Here it is managed. And he is about to get his ass a little too close to August....

  While the puppies were playing with August Gilbert sat with Therese, and "chilled". He sat with his head hidden between his front paws and his behind straight up and enjoyed beeing cuttled in the sun. Frede is guarding at all the toys, which he mistakenly took to be his.

Marco caught a pink pig.


  And Marco in sofa in the corner under total relaxation. He is now placed on diet. He is taken away from the milk bar before the others and is removed from the food before the others. He is not completely satisfied with the way things have evolved .......
Where there is a will there is a way!
Titania has "wrapped herself" in the little basket, but Poker Face worked like hell and had his head pushed down to all the goodies.

Marco and Polka Dot playing in the garden.


Pokerface and Polka Dot tasting dog biscuits for the first time. Delisious !!   The puppies now have the new basket set up in the puppy box. And they love it. It can be used to fight in like here - and to sleep close to each other in.


We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Polka Dot.

6 weeks was everything she had in this life.
I hope and believe that it was 6 good weeks.

As the others began to hear when they were 2 weeks old, it was soon clear that Polka Dot was deaf.

She seemed, however, happy and satisfied. She was very active. Wagged her tail when she saw one and played on an equal footing with the other two. Was loving and contact-seeking. Could also sit a long time on her own playing with toys in her own little quiet world.

But a life as a deaf - it's not a life to offer a dog - let alone a Dalmatian.

So Polka Dot is not with us any more.

Deafness is the curse included when you breed Dalmatians.

Nevermind patch and blue eyes, etc. You - and the dogs - can live with that. But not with deafness.

No matter how many times you try it, it will NEVER be easier to say goodbye to such a small creature that never got a chance in life.