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  Week 7 Background
The boys had honey noses - it was very delicious !
Honey noses are pigs noses with ahorn syrup. Any dog loves them.
The puppies are now 7 weeks old and Titania is really starting to educate them. She calls for a game, in the midst of it all they get the message that it is HER toy and only hers. And they respect it at once.
And she mingles at once if the puppies get into a fight when they are playing. Then she comes rushing, and separates them, after which Marco will be blamed. Always Marco. Although to the best of my opinion it is Poker Face who does the most growling..........
And then the puppies found the hole under the dog house. There are certain skills, puppies must learn before they move away from home. And Titania think that gardening is one of them. Here's Poker Face on the way down the hole .....
......and here is Marco on his way up..
You get a little bit dirty playing in the hole.
Here Marco found a flower bowl - and until now everything seems to be allright..
But then he decided to jump into the bowl and could not get up again. His behind is a "little" heavy.
Here are the puppies in their puppy box. They do not know that they could easily jump out of it.
They have lived in the box since they were just little puppies and not able to do anything. And they think that this is the way life is. So there is peace and quiet a little bit longer.

Cille and Camilla were visiting again. Cille is right where she loves to be and she love all dogs.
But Camilla! The girl has a delicacy syndrome. On this phoco Boris and Titania have just been down and slopping and licking her all over (according to herself), and Gilbert is doing his very best to get her attention. He would like to talk to her, but he is yukky to touch because he has no fur. So what we see here is simply Camilla caught in a corner in the garden - almost no chance to escape. How she could be related to me is a mystery.


Pokerface with the favorite toy this week.
A rat which is being killed again and again.
Sweet Cille with sweet Pokerface
Poker Face was lucky to find the feed barrel with no lid on, and such a chance you cannot let slip away.   And it did not take many seconds before Marco made him company. Marco hears any sound of food in this house. If anyone is in doubt about who's who, it is the slightly overweight on the right that is Marco.
Marco has had a visit from his new family. He will move to Tølløse to Christian and Pernille.