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So we are moving towards the puppies 8 week birthday.
And what a week. Puppies have been at the riding school, where they met a bunch of new dog friends.
And the puppies have met a hedgehog, and had collars on. And Titania has closed the milk bar :-(

Puppy's first visit to the riding school. Immediately they got out of the car Molly, Mille and Skipper (not in the picture) came rushing.
Both Poker and Marco were totally cool and just wanted to say hey to them.
And when Poker saw 2 girls playing on the road he jumped into the middle of it and interfered.
The puppies also had a new teddy bear this week.
A teddy bear which Boris, however, immediately took to his heart and carried around. His father Devlin also always carried around teddy bears, so it is apparently hereditary.
And then something very exciting!
Marco found a real live hedgehog, when the dogs were out to pee in the evening. He was totally excited by it, but dared not touch it.
Poker had, as can be seen here, a slightly more cautious approach to the problem. He could not figure out what it was and rushed quickly away again. Marco would rather have been out by hedgehog for much longer. But the poor creature was allowed to be alone after a few minutes and Marco was reluctantly put to bed.
Another interesting thing for Marco was when he saw the washing machine. First he was barking at it, but then the curiosity won and he went quite close, to see what it was that turned around and around.
Titania is a very good mother. She plays a lot with the puppies.
This is actually quite super. Because she has started up Marco, who needs to lose weight. He ran a lot after her and the other dogs. Poker was also included in the game, but was perhaps a little wiser, because he just waited, until she came close up .......
Again, Marco is in the game.
And the 3 big ones enjoy themselves.
But the biggest playbaby is Titania.
She even started up old Boris.
Finally she was completely exhausted and had to have a rest
She was actually so tired that she allowed the puppies a little milk. It had stopped a few days before. And this is the very last sip, these puppies taste because now the milk bar is closed and Titania is in fact already starting to look good again.
Sweet photo of mother and son. Titten wants Marco to come and play with her.
This is Poker in Gilbert basket after a long and wearing day.
The same basket where all 3 puppies could sleep just 2-3 weeks ago ............