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Billie Jean - 20 years birthday

Billie Jean, born 25th of April 1988
Billie received a lot of gifts. After all it was a very important day.

Flowers from Jytte.

Billie and Lara made a little show for us. Such a couple of old girls wanted to show the young ones how it is done.


Kirsten and Jytte on their way to say hallo to the birthdaybaby   Billie Jean with guests, 8 pcs 2-legged (Mette, Martin, Kirsten, Pia, Mads, Jytte, Heidi and Louise) and 6 pcs 4-legged (Boris, Titania, Frede, August, Gilbert on the arm and behind Lucky).
Billie gets a birthday treat.   Billie Jean and me from our younger days.......