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O´Talix´s Introduces A Man By A Man

Boris is a liver spottet male born 7/6-2001

By definition Boris is a happy dog. He loves chidren, every dog on his way, horses, the vet, the postman - simply everybody !

And he smiles a lot. And as he has learned that this is well recieved and can save a dog from many reprimands he uses this a lot.....

At the same time he is a very calm dog and now - as puberty is over - he is growing to be a calm well-adjustet dog. He quickly settles down again after playing - and playing is 80% of his everyday life - which he does not seem to outgrow.

  Boris 13 months old


Boris enjoys obedience practice - most of all the playing around with the other dogs. He has attended in officiel tests and he had his debut in Class 1 on September 2002. He won a 2. price just 4 points from a 1. price. Allready in his second start the 1. price came in house ! We are now training to see if we can get ready to compete in class 2. A very important thing is that Boris thinks that he is a Retriver, so he loves carrying things in his mouth. And that should make learning to apport to just another game. And dalmatians are not normally especially good in that diciplin.


Click on these links to see show- and obedience results of Boris:

Boris on tour

Pedigree Boris


Boris, or as his pedigree says: O'Talix's Introduces A Man By A Man met his father Devlin (Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror) on a show in Herning November 2002.

Devlin was best male- and Boris was no.. 2.

Devlin is a Swedish male and he is an international champion and has a lot of fine titles.

See Devlin on

Devlin and Boris

Boris using all his charm, 5 weeks old and chosen to move to Vejle.....


Little inocent Boris. Who could know what a holigan he would grow to be?

Here well arrived in Vejle and 2,5 months old. Starts already to look as if he is looking for trouble......

  Boris ready to leave his mother Ofelia (Haymo's Gira)