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Boris' German kids

Boris (O´Talix´s Introduces A Man By A Man) is father to a litter in Germany.

The mother is a German bitch Kama von Stiftland called Chira.

The puppies were born 30 th. November 2003.

8 puppies- 2 black bitches, 2 liver bitches, 2 black dogs, 2 liver dogs.

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  Chira Boris  
Assiduitas Danish Date - here 3 month old   Here are 3 of the puppies 4 months old. They are visiting the show in Berlin 30th. March 2004 to see their father. From left: Donnatello, Dodger and Danish Date
And of course we had to have a family photo with the proud father.   Assiduitas Dappled Dodger (Uno) - hopefully we will se him in the showring in the future.

Boris says hello to Donnatello. We will not see him at shows because he is unfortunately deaf. His owners tell that he is a very clever boy, who allready knows several commands and signs, which is very important if a deaf dog shall manage allright in his every day life.


Donnatello is just like his father. Happy and outgoing he said hello to everybody. Donatello is so lucky to be living in a family who has another dog too. So he has someone to look after when he is learning all the different signs. The owners are very proud of all he has learned so far.


And Uno could sit....




This is a puppy Dow Jones - called Sam. What a boy he is ! At training he is already training with the youngster dogs instead of the other puppies. - Not that he is better than the others (what he probably is ??), but because he is too wild to play with them. This will be a thing Boris can understand. He has always meant that the playing and running free was the good stuff at training.

This is Danish Date again - She is called Dauphine.   She is such a beauty!
Here Dauphine is laying on top of her brother Dappled Dodger - called Uno. We really look forward to meet them both again in Neumünster in June.   Uno visiting the show in Neumunster June 2004. He is now 6 months old. We were greeted with a big smilel! Lovely.

Uno   Uno 6 months. Very handsome boy!
Assiduitas Danish Date called Dauphine   Dauphine eating corn
Dauphine   Dauphines sister Dakarai, called Sally
Boris can be very proud of his girls !