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Lilli and Boris may 2002 Little Lombardi and little Lucky
Boris with his best body Nestor (Australian Shepherd) both 4 months old

Boris and Nestor June 2002. Now a year old and still best bodies.

Boris in heaven !

Running free in the forrest with a stick in his mouth!

Boris standing enjoying himself a little, thinking about the "little" stick in front of him. And yes - of couse he ran away with it !


Yet another happy day with your favorite pet !

Good to know that your beloved dog has not been bored being home alone. As you see Boris is at least TRYING to look guilty - but he does not at all succeed.......

Boris fathered a litter in Germany.

This is his daughter Assiduitas Danish Date 3 months old. She looks like Boris - excuse the expression - spot on !

See the others on this link: Assiduitas

And this is Boris' biggest fan Nicklas. He was not dressed up like a dalmatian.

No - he was Boris !


Boris in a hotel in Berlin. He thought that was very amusing! He kept everybody awake the whole night because he had to be som damned happy and laugh and make a fool of himself! Here he is in the bed ready to smile to the camera. You can see that on his ears - they always turn like he is ready to fly before he laughs...

In spite of the lack of sleep everything went very well. Here Boris is as Best Of Breed and Berlin Winner with best bitch (a daughter of Boris' halfbrother Handyman), best champion and best youngster.