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born 20.01.2008

(White Chocolate Von Shinbashi)


The newcomer Gilbert is a Chinese Crested dog. For years now I have wanted such a dog in my life. And now Gilbert has arrived !
He moved in with the Dalmatians 7th of April 2008.
Both Titania and Boris has adopted him from the first moment on.

Gilbert, Boris andTitania   Gilbert has been allowed to have his ears set free.
He is going to have them taped together for some
weeks to keep them uprigth.
Miss Daisy is not so fond of the new dog.   But Gilbert thinks she is very funny !
Almost for every day Gilberts gets more and more color.
The spots will grow together so he will end up with the brown (chocolate) color.
  Gilbert flying with his favorite toy.
Titania uses Gilbert as a pillow. And he loves it. Nothing is to hot
for such a little naked guy.
  Titania is very fond of Gilbert and shows no signs of jealosy. Or does she?!?? This is not her own bed....
But then of course Gilbert always uses their bed - and is the most pleased if he can get a place in between the 2 big dogs......   .....or on top of Boris. This is his favorite sleeping position. One night he fell a sleep on top of Boris' head. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of that.
However- he can also lay down on his own back and have a good time. You can see that it is alright that Gilbert came to kennel Lots of Spots.........   On the top side the spots are going away. Here Gilbert is 13 weeks old.
Gilbert became Best Baby in a show in Varde........   .....and now he has his own little show chair to promote himself from.

No matter what people think and say about Chinese Cresteds,
Gilbert himself seems to think that he is a very charming guy!
And with his happy and forward going temper he has convinced a few sceptics that they were wrong about this breed.


Even the cat Miss Daisy likes him now. She had a slow start - it took her a month to accept him - but now her and Gilbert play together all day long. Gilbert takes her whole head in his mouth, but without biting her. And she slaps him with her paws and holds him around his neck - but never with her claws out..
And you can see Miss Daisy come running in the garden with the dog after her. But in the next minute the dog comes with the cat chasing after him. They really have great fun together.

Gilbert 6 months old:

Gilbert is now 6 months old and finally - finally ! - his ears are standing correct without help. He is going to a show this weekend and hopfully he can stand just as beautyful as on this photo. He will attend the puppy class both Saturday and Sunday.



Gilbert is now ready for winther !
Our friend Viola has been so kind - not knowing what she did - to send us a manual on how to sew this little fleece jumpsuit. She was working on a website for naked dogs and she sent me a link knowing taht this would interest me. And I found this.

And as you see the jumpsuit has all openings required by a little male dog !
Thank you Viola for this manual.

We are now looking for Dalmatian fabric so that Gilbert can look like his big friends.