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Puppies born 2/2-2006 - Leaving home week 9-10


It finally happened - The puppies left home. When you look at all the happy faces of the new owners then you have to think that a lot more people ought to buy themselves a puppy.......


The first one to leave was Toby. He left for Langeskov to live with Alice and Tommy.   The next day Helga went happy away with Tiger Lily heading for Sønderborg
This family could hardly wait for the time to come to bring Tristan with them to his new home in Nr. Lyndelse. The children Emma and Martin might have been looking forward to this moment - and so might the father Jens Christian. But already from the very first moment they met, Tristan fell in love with the mother Hanne - and she fell in love with him, so the waiting was hardest on her.   After another couple of days Target left for Holland to live withl Annemiek and Rhys. There he is going to live with his father Selwyn. But what is more important to Target is, that he is also going to live with the other puppy of the family, Flier, who is 3 weeks older than him. And already from day one - after a looong drive - the message was that they were playing great together.
Tinkerbell, who lost her first family who changed their mind, found a new fine family in Naestved. Here are Jonas, Stine, Jeanette and Michael ready to leave with Tinkerbell.   And Titbit - my little darling- fortunately only left for Middelfart which is pretty close by. She will be a little spoiled princess at. Birgit and Hans Erik. They will have their hands full when Titbit grows bigger, because she is quite a busy little lady. Titbit and Titania are going to go to dog school together, so we will keep close contact.

Kaja fell in love with Triumph, who now has changed name to Toffee. Thet live in Farum, where Toffee got himself a big brother named Pongo. Pongo gave up his bed so that little Toffee has a place to sleep..

  Tudor Rose and Soeren.
Tudor Rose is going to live with her mother Tessy and her halfbrother Vic. Soeren and Vic have been visiting her a lot and Tudor Rose is very fond of Vic.

Titania gets to stay where she is born and raised. Boris seems not to understand that he is no longer the little one in the family....

And regarding Tigerdyret - He looks forward to coming down from the roof without beeing attacked by 9 little devils...........