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Puppies born 2/2-2006 - 2. week











    Biggest event in week 2 was when Toby opened his eyes - or rather his eye - because he has just opened his right eye - he has decided to wait with the other one.....   Week 2 was also the week when Tessy relexed a little more in her new role as a mother. She found out that it would be possible to take a little nap in the sofa when the little ones were asleep.
    Little Titbit sleeps on top of one of her brothers. In just 12 days Titbit has trippled her weight so she might soon pass a couple of the others. Titbit is black spottet.   Close up of Tudor Rose.
Rose was Tessys firstborn and also her biggest puppy. She is still in the heavy end - maybe because she is quite busy when the milkbar opens. She sometimes "accidently" presses her smaller siblings away to get to the good tits.

  Tudor Rose again. Sleeps safely in her Moms arms.   A new look at the milkbar to show that the spots have arrived.  

  3 sibling rest before getting busy in next week when they suddenly can both see and hear.