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Puppies born 2/2-2006 - 3. week


Tessy started her third week as a mother with receiving guests. It is always exciting to see how a new mom will react when strangers come in the house and start to "take" her children. But as the photo shows Tessy passed this test in the best way. Camilla and Cecilie was allowed to be in the puppybed with her and her puppies. And there were no problems when they picked up the puppies. Tessy simply enjoyed to show her children to them.

  Camilla would have liked to bring one or two with her home. But she had to realize that she was just a "testguest".   And Cecilie fell in love with little Titbit, who has the most adorable expression in her face.  
  We show a couple of brown males.   They are now so big that they start to take notice of what is happening around them.      
  But this one just got tired of all this attention.....  

On day 18 the puppybed was opened. It was a bounch of small shaking puppies who went out to see how big the world is.

  After having stumbled around for a while with a lot of noise the puppies all fell asleep in their mothers bed 1,5 m. from the puppybed, so they really felt that they had been on a big jorney.  
The puppies have started to eat normal food. There is only one way to do this properly: with the feet in the food.....

Nicklas came to see his puppy. His biggest wish has come through: A Dalmatian just like his favorite dog Boris. So now we just hope that his mother and father will help him to raise little Toby, so that he will turn out right.


Even though we explained to Nicklas that the puppies was far too small to play he gave Toby a Teddy Bear. And this should learn us all to listen more to the children: Toby imediately started to play with the Teddy Bear.....