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Puppies born 2/2-2006 - week 5

The puppies have now been testet for hearing (BAER test).
Here Tudor Rose. There were 2 unilaterals puppies - the rest had full hearing on both ears.
  At home again Titania found her monkey and took like all the other puppies a loooong nap.
The puppy tent was a new experience. It was inspected by the adult dogs before it was given free to the puppies. Here Lilli is inside the tent - Boris in on his way in - Tessy is observing - and the little ones are waiting.   Tigerdyret made a quick inspection too- and Titbit was the watch-dog.
Careful, careful. You never know waht such a dangerous thing might do. Tinkerbell and Titbit are examining the very dangerous duster.
  Then Tudor Rose took over - and the duster is now their best toy in the whole world.
Tiger Lily caught a mouse   And Titania caught a monster.
Tigerdyret is a little annoyed over all this disturbance in his house   He can not even have his food for himself.....
Titbit gets a kiss from Mummy.   But that is probably because she is so lovely the little Titbit.
Tristan whisperes secrets to his mother   Target is looking for new things to play with. And I tell you: EVERYTHING can be used.
Titania got tired from all this activity.