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Puppies born 2/2-2006 - 6. week

Finally the puppies can start to come out. Here Triumph is examining the cold white "thing" - while the other puppies is barking at the door to get into the warm house again.
Titbit had the courage to go all the way out in the garden where there where even more snow. And she stood beautiful like a snow queen and enjoyed herself and the big world.
Also Tudor Rose went for a trip in the snow.
Here is Tinkerbell one day later. She is happy that all the snow has gone away.
Tinkerbell caught a rat.
Boris can be asked to play at any time and he happily gets into the game.
Open your mouth so that I can se how big your teeth are Uncle Boris.
Wow! What nice and big teeth, Triumph seems to think.
It is harder with Tigerdyret - but here he seems to kind of enjoy the company of Tudor Rose.
But when she starts to walk all over him.....
....well, then he had to react and state an example!
Nikoline came one evening together with her 2 brothers to help looking after the puppies. I believe that both puppies and children slept well that night.....
We have bought "leaving home monkeys". Here Target has falling asleep in the company of all the monkeys.
Lilli and Tessy rest in the sofa surrounded by puppies, who do not enjoy such luxury. The sofa works as puppyfree area for Mummy.