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Puppies born 2/2-2006 - week 8


This is NOT Boris and a lot of puppies.
No, this is Boris watching Tessy lying on her back with an open milkbar, so that her big children can get some milk.

  The puppies are far to big to drink milk, but Tessy simply can not say no.

Afterwards -in shelter on the sofa - Target gets a little kiss.  

All the puppies are out destroying something - except for Triumph who is laying with his Mom. Triumph plays when HE wants to play and not just because the others are playing.

Talking about destroying. Here is a very tired Toby with a lot of torn paper, a fork, one shoe and some stuffed animals. All puppies carry everything to this bed. I am sure Toby is not to blame for all this - they have all had their part in it - but Toby was the one to fall asleep in the middle of it.......   There are some important things a puppy has to learn before he goes out in the big world. Among other things he has to be able to help digging in the garden. And Tiger Lily is very good at it. Hope her new owner Helga will appreciate this ;0)
Titania is looking at the gate. She probably heard a lot of talk of families coming to take little puppies away. But Titania made herself so popular that she gets to stay at kennel Lots Of Spots.  

And Tudor Rose gets to stay with her Mom with Soeren in kennel Oriana.

Titbit - the little lovely lady.   Target
Triumph is fighting Tudor Rose  

Titania on a garden mission.

Tristan thinking about life and other stuff.