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Puppies born 2/2-2006 - 1. week





Tessy tired after a long day giving birth. Now she and the puppies will have some quiet weeks to
get to know eachother before they are ready to receive visitors.




Tessy gets her food in bed. She only leaves the puppybed when nature calls.


    Day 3: The puppies gain weight according to plan. They have a routine where half of them eat and half of them sleep - because Tessy will not lay down totally, so only half of the puppies can eat at the same time.
  On day 4 Tessy finally lies down to get a good well earned nap. A pity for those puppies who did not realise that the milkbar finally was open........
  The puppies are now 7 days old. They have lived through their first week sleeping and eating. Their weight have been checked every day and they have all dobbled their birthweight.  

As it is shown here they realy take in a lot when they eat, so no wonder that they gain weight.



  And now the fun part comes. Because the spots are beginning to show up.