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Josephine and Sophie 1. week
Never have puppies been turned upside down, examined and cleaned as much as Lucky find it necessary! She is so happy for Josephine and Sophie - and even though Lilli is very envious, Lucky stands up for her rights, and takes care of her puppies without interference from their grandmother!
  Lucky has been home alone and has "cleaned up" the puppybed, so that Josephine and Sophie have to climb a mountain to find the milk bar!  
When the puppy bed was ready again Lilli made a "sit down strike" in the puppy bed hoping that SHE finally would get the puppies that certainly MUST be hers !
But of course Lucky got her children back in the puppy bed. And the blankets are now nailed to the bed.... To cover her nesting instincts Lucky is allowed to hide under a blanket.
  That is how a dalmatian puppy looks when it is only 5 days old. The spots will arrive approx. when they are 10 days old.        



5 days old:

On Sophies stomach you can see the first small signs of spots. And yes Sophie will grow up to be a liver colored dalmatian - you see that on her nose.


7 dage gammel:

On Josephine - who will be blackspottet the spots are easier to see. (And of course she is two days older on this photo).