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Lots Of Spots Molly


Molly 18 days old Murphy+Molly+Camilla+Cecilie
Molly 22 days old- for once not eating.... which normally seems to be her favorite occupation!
Molly 4 weeks old Molly 4 weeks old
Molly with her first bone - just stolen from Boris ! Molly has an ability to sit, so you just have to take a picture.......
Molly 6 weeks old Trying her skils as a cat....
Molly (7 weeks old) proudly presenting her camel !  
Beautiful..... ... and SWEET! And her name is now Cindy.

Cindy and Marwin - so good friends - until Marwin thought it was time to be a tough guy which according to him meant to bite a big hole in poor little Cindy.......

Cindys first christmas You just never get to big to sit on the lap ?!?!

Cindy finally - 14 months old - attended her first show, the international show in Odense in August 2003. She had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and could easily have attended before. She did well and won a 1. price and had a very fine critic. Lilli and Boris can be very proud of her.

Here a couple of pictures from the show:


Nice to meet daddy again!


I know I am beautyfull! I don't need a judge to tell me that!