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Lots Of Spots Murphy

(Called Wolfgang)

Murphy 18 days old Murphy 22 days old
Careful, careful ... What is this?!?!  
I will check it out Oh! You can climbe through here.....
Murphy 4 weeks old Murphy 4 weeks old
Murphy with hippo- 4,5 weeks Murphy 6 weeks old
Murphy Himself ! Then we know him again- sleeping as a baby- in his favorite position: on the back.
Murpy in a marathon-sleep. NOTHING could wake him - and then he was chosen to be Malene and Sunes dog! On this picture he is not so old - so he might be excused - not knowing that YOU DONT EAT CARPETS !
Murphy enjoying himself!!



Wolfgang - as Murphy is called now came on a visit in April 2003 - 10 months old:
He had grown to be such a handsome dog!
And this is how tired - look at Borises tongue hanging out of his mouth - you look when you have been playing for two hours. It was a happy reunion......