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My name is Pia Jensen. I had my first Dalmatian in 1990.

Now the Dalmatian family is:

Oriana's Traceable Titania (called Titania) born February 2006


O´Talix´s Introduces A Man By A Man (called Boris) born June 2001


First and foremost I have dogs as familydogs and I mostly enjoy the everyday life with my dogs. But I also want to do something with them and in that way give them challenges in their lifes. So we are training obecience and also attending obecience tests - it is a very giving thing for both owner and dog. I also show my dogs on dog shows - especially now as Boris is doing very well in that direction.

I have had 4 litters and am expecting the litter in the summer 2009


My purpose of breeding Dalmatians is to try to make the perfect family dog with the perfect temper. The dog must be able to function in the everyday life of a family. The dog has to be calm and sensitive. The dog will have to be able to interact with other dogs. The dog must be able to run loose. And the dog will have to be 100% reliable in company with children. If the dog can not live up to these simple demands even a lot of red ribbons and trophys can not compensate for all the annoyance you will have to live through every day. But when above demands are okay - then you might be lucky and the dog can have a fine career as a showdog at the same time......