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Oriana's Traceable Titania

Titania is our latest new family member. She is a liver bitch born 2/2-2006 from our "guest" litter

With a little girl like that in the house happy days have arrived. And as her sister Rosy still has not left home, as her owner can not have her yet, you can imagine that you have to have an eye on each finger !

When she was 2,5 months old Titania staret in Puppy School. The puppies are supposed to have a fun time there which seems to be very important to Titania. And of course they have to learn something, too. In fact Titania is very good at that. After all, she is a Dalmatian - and this little lady will do a lot for a little treat.

Titania is supposed to have a future as a showdog, and she has not disapointed anyone in her first season. 1 x Best Baby, 3 x Best Puppy, and then her big win at the Amsterdam Winnershow in November 2006 when she - only 9 months old - was Best Of Breed and won the titles Amsterdam Youth Winster and Amsterdam Winster. We ought to retire allready because the one who flies high.......

  Titania 4 months old

Enter this link to see Titanias show results:

Titania on tour


Titania with a little new teddy bear. Such a thing has a very short life in a house wiht 2 Dalmatian puppies and a grown up male who thinks he is a baby (Boris), and claims the right to be the first one to DESTROY!



On this photo Titania just came hom from Puppy School and she is very tired. So she had to have her food lying down.



Titania is visiting her brother Tristan. They played till they dropped. They are here 5 months old. Next time they meet might be at an obedience test. They say that Tristan is good so we might better practice all winther.....


Rosy and Titania like little princesses. Dont be fooled - I am sure they did something wrong in the next minute.....


Titanias sister Rosy still lives with us. And your house has to stand for something with those two playing in the mud they have transformed the garden into. They are now 10 months old.
  When they are not busy getting themselves dirty they practice the one thing that Dalmatians think they are born to: STEALING FOOD. Here they are after the cats food even though it has been put away in a "safe" place.
Titania is doing very well on shows. Here she was Best Puppy in Silkeborg