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8. week


The last week with Josephine went by all too soon. Suddenly she was a big girl and was going to leave home.

But she will stay in the family. Heidi (the owner of Lucky) has a sister, Rikke, and she and her boyfriend Mikki is now the lucky owners of Lots Of Spots Joesphine Baker.

Josephine did not move more than 15 km away, so we will see at lot to her in the future. We already have a date to go to the fenced dog-forrest.


The photo that HAD TO be taken: 3 generations

Grandma Lilli Marleen, daughter Lucky and granddaughter Josephine

Camilla og Cecilie saying goodbye to Josephine.

The puppytent was used a lot. All the toys were quicky put away in there - but they were just as quickly out again when the playing started.


Josephine loved her tent, because you could play with the tent itself and totally win over it!

Josephine now has the tent in her new home.


Without a doubt Josephine is a model.

She has not been "sat" next to these flowers. She simply knows where to sit to look her best !


While Josephine was waiting for her new parents she took a last nap in the garden without a worry in the world..


And this is Rikke and Mikki, the happy and lucky owners of Josephine. Lilli, whose puppies have been taken away from here before, seemed to be the only one knowing what was going on. She followd Josephine to the car and did not want to go back to the garden again......