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Lucky has puppies


Lucky, who is one of Lillis puppies from her first litter (1999) has very surprisingly puppies !

They came 4 days later than expected - and 6 days after the vet finally declared her to be empty! But when you see the little luxus-litter the doubt is easier to understand.

She had only 2 puppies ! So we welcome Josephine and Sophie.

They were born on Febuary, 17th.

Both parents Lucky and Obi have been tested for HD - and both with the result AA which means HD free

Both parents are ARDS free - a disease that is inherited from both parents.

Puppies 2. week Puppies 3. week
Puppies 5.+6. week Puppies 7. week
  Mom: Lucky Dad: Obi  


Pedigree Lucky


Pedigree Obi