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Josephine og Sophie

2. week




Luckys has always said: "I am a princess" so what could be more natural than having her puppies on the couch and to have two servants to hold help her when she gets thirsty?!!

Luckys puppies are now almost monster puppies! They are very fat, as they are only two to share all the good milk from Lucky. This is a photo of puppies only 11 days old !!!!





Sophie gets a tender lick in her ear.
To see what happens in the spot department: Here the girls are 11 days old - and now something is happening !
Josephine (black) and Sophie (liver) in their beauty sleep. .....and Sophie keeps sleeping
.....and she is really sleepy! A handfull of unsatisfied puppy. But take a look: The eyes are about to open!
This should have been a nice flower photo with a happy little pup- but Josephine would rather sleep..... And the same would Boris. You can get a little tired with all that life in your house.....