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Josephine and Sophie

3. week


Presenting the girls 19 days old. Much have happened during the last week. First and most important of all: Both puppies can hear ! And they have now got their full names. As you see their eyes are now wide open. And their personality is developing. Josephine is a cosy little princess, who just loves to be taken up and have a nap in your arms. Sophie is a more unpatient little lady, who is not afraid of announcing her opinion. Just like her mother Lucky was as a puppy.



  Lots Of Spots Josephine Baker   Lots Of Spots Miss Sophie  
In fact Josephine is peeing on the carpet on this photo. She still has a lot to learn....... Sophie sitting pretty!
Josephine Baker Perfekt photo of Sophie showing the nose of a 3 week old puppy.
More Josephine Baker Sophie pretending to be a SharPei - skin to grow in.....
Josephine and Sophie sleeping. Here they are 19 days old and the spots are now very clear, but only on the black puppy the spots are in the fur with black hair. Sophies spots are, as it might be shown more clearly her, not in her fur yet, but is still just to be seen through the white.

Envy is hard to deal with. Boris is waiting behind Lucky......

....ready to jump in playing father in the moment Lucky leaves the puppies. Which she does not do very often.....

.....but her Josephine is beeing checked by Boris and Lilli, while Lucky is out for a walk.