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Josephine and Sophie

4. week

Lots Of Spots Joesphine Baker 23 days old Lots Of Spots Miss Sophie 23 days old


Much have happend during the last week - the puppies have started eating on their own:

Look closely at this photo and guess who is most interested. The big brown nose in the background seems to belong to Boris !!

Then Josephine decided to try. And for some crazy reason puppies eat the best when they have a foot or four in their food!

Once Sophie got a taste of it she has been eating good since. Josephine on the other hand seems to have enough from Luckys milk alone.


The puppies have started to show more interest in their surroundings - and to eachother - and they now play quite a lot.



A shoe ! Don't worry - I got it ! Wasn't I a clever girl ? Mowe away uncle Boris - I am coming through!




Hello Grandma ! Josephine says hello to Lilli

Hmm... What to do - and where to go next??


Josephine is a "little" thick and not so fast, so the only thing she was able to catch was her own foot.....

Two little thick girls looking up at all the good milk, while ther mother is busy keeping an eye on goodies on the table. But unfortunately for them: They are too small for standing souper yet.


And now turn off that camera, I want to sleep!