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Josephine and Sophie

5. + 6. week

  There have not been much time left for the past two weeks, as Sophie was sick and has been 4 days in the hospital. But we do have a few photos to be shown:  
Sophie the day before she went to the hospital.
On this photo it is clearly shown that Sophie was not all right compared to Josephine - who on the other hand is a very fat baby!
A proud mother !
Lucky could feel that Sophie was not feeling all right. Here she gets an extra check.
We have happy days now with the puppies playing, so Lucky is busy keeping an eye on everything.
"If we get closly together there should be enough room" Lucky thought.
The first toy - a bunny and a mouse...
....which Sophie caught straight away.....
....and she chewed and chewed on it.
In the meantime Josephine caught a duck.
An old shoe is very interesting too!
They play a lot together.
Josephine, fat as she is, steels food from Boris. He could not believe his own eyes and stopped chewing for a secund - then quickly grapped a couple of mouthfulls............   ......and the left the place for Josephine, who immediately made herself at home.
Josephine waiting for courage to jump down from the stairs and out in the garden.
And out she came.....
  Sophie and Josephine
  Josephine loves sleeping on her back.