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Lillis second litter- this sired of Boris (O´Talix´s Introduces A Man By A Man) was born on June, 27th. 2002

Both parents Lilli and Boris are testet for HD and both with the resultat AA.

And both parents have been testet for hearing (BAER testet) and they are both hearing on both ears.

  Click on the names and see photos of the puppy:






Lilli - tired of waiting.    
But finally they came. And man, did she watch over them.......   Milkbar is open!  

Dad-Mum-Children. The puppies held their 9 days birthday in the sun when it finally turned up.



Look at Lilli. Her eyes say: Does he relly have to sit there ???



Boris has taken over the puppybed. And with his big mouth he gently move the puppies that think he can breastfeed them.


Lilli will have to send in an application to be allowed to be with her own puppies. Boris loves beeing a daddy !


Eatingtime ! And then dessert.....    
Boris tries to get a little free time in the bed, but the little ones simply DEMANDS to play with daddy !  
Minnie, Molly, Marwin, Murphy and Meggan 7 weeks old - ready for the big world and 5 unpatient families